Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Do Referees Play Roles In The Betting On Cards Market?

                  If you are into betting on the number of cards in a match then you will find this 
interesting. Have you noticed that some games have a high number of cards,both yellow and
possibly red while some games hardly record any bookings?

The fact is that factors such as the teams involved, the leagues, the players and the referees all play vital roles 
in determining the number of cards that will be dished out during a game.

Take for example when you have 2 rival teams playing and if it happens to be a local derby, expect lots of cards.
Look at any team that involves playing  Barcelona, Real Madrid etc, there are always cards to be given out. 
Why? It is because of the star players involved-Messi, Ronaldo...everyone will commit blunders and 
eventually foul them in trying to mark them out.

What about players that are very hot tempered and get booked in almost every game? You can use this knowledge to 
your advantage if you want to bet on cards. 
The leagues where tackles are abound are probably the Serie A and Spanish La Liga,these leagues are good for the 
over 3.5 cards at full time any day.

Do you actually know that getting fore knowledge about referees can also help you to a great extent in making wise
choices when it comes to placing your stakes on the number of cards in a game.
I know of some sites that give a wonderful analysis on the referees that officiate in the English Premier league. 
Now i would not advice you to go looking for them on google because you are not likely to find them directly as they will
be hidden under other sections on the site. 
These sites give the average number of yellow cards that each referee gives as well as the red cards, even the likelihood 
of him awarding penalties is analysed.

Now imagine knowing the referee to handle a particular EPL game the following day and you head to these sites to 
discover that he has given 140 yellow cards in 30 games this season as well as 8 red cards, you know that the card market 
will be your banker bet for that day.

These sites are revealed in my football mega cash system - a 15 video tutorial that will teach you about how to get on the 
winning train with football betting.

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