Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Why Betting On Friendly Matches, Qualifiers Etc Is Not A Bright Idea...!

       I often wonder why some folks will want to waste their hard earned money on friendly matches when they have so little information about the teams that are playing?
If you want to make it big as a punter,you need to know to play and what to avoid. I decided to try my hands on these matches yesterday and see if things have changed. To make things interesting i decided to consult one of my secret websites that supplies me with good matches to stake on.

As a matter of principle you won't catch me placing bets on these group of games, but i decided to experiment yesterday..

Here is a screen shot of the site i use with its accuracy level.

on a good day the delivery rate is between 95-99% daily, and the following screen shot is for that of yesterday.

Now mind you, this is one of the most dependable sites i use  and yesterday their results proved to me why i need to avoid these sets of matches.

maybe i should show you my losing screen shots as well after going with the tips from this site.

Even Nigeria that everyone was hoping will at least get a draw and keep qualification hope alive fumbled.

See another one.

If you want to really make it, you need to know which games to place your bets on and mind you not all games/leagues are useful to your punting needs.

I have compiled a set of videos in my football mega cash system which shows you how to get good leagues and games to bet on without breaking a sweat.

Get access to this package here.


See you there.


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