Monday, 31 March 2014

In these last few weeks of the current football season.....!

With the various leagues coming to an end in the next few weeks, we have seen quite a number of upsets which have cost many punters good income and profits.

Why you may ask?

Looking at the last weekend results we see some results which didn't come out well for some teams and for those who bet on such games for good outcomes went home disappointed.
Games of note were the following:

1. Chelsea lost to crystal palace

2. Bayern Munich's winning streak came to a sudden end with a 3-3 draw to TSG.

3.Juventus suffered their 2nd loss of the season to Napoli

4. Barcelona could only manage a 1-0 victory to Celta vigo,

5.Celtic played a 1-1 draw against all expectations of a win at home.

If you placed bets on the above games i'm pretty sure you would be wondering about what went wrong, you don't have to as this is general trend towards the end of every season. With this in mind you have to be mindful with how you place bets to avoid some heavy loses, teams who want to avoid relegation will spring surprises , teams who have almost confirmed the title coming to them will somehow relax and take it easy to avoid injuries against the world cup coming up soon.

So whats the way forward?

a. the corner and card market is more favorable at this time of the season

b. avoid teams who play on the weekend and have a champions league match to play the following Tuesday or Wednesday, they are likely to rest some key players.

c. avoid double chance and outright win for favorite teams.

d. if you can, place bets on some lower division leagues and amateur ones which have year long seasons

e. stake for just one goal to be scored at full time and accumulate 2-3 of such matches.

f. avoid matches involving top teams in a particular league.

Happy punting and more greens as we end the season on a good note.