Wednesday, 28 August 2013


In my last post i discussed the importance of using goals in making your bets count and trasform into good profits at the end of every match day.
Last weekend and on Monday we saw a common thing that affected most "Big Clubs" and that was their inability to score a lot of goals.
Juventus ,Barcelona , PSG, Liverpool , Bayern Munich and even the much hyped match between Man U and Chelsea all produced very low scorelines all to the dismay of many punters who had gone for over 1.5/2.5 goals as the case may be.
I personally placed a bet for over 8.5 corners for the Man U-Chelsea game which was so drab that only 3 corners were played in the entire match! I lost the bet but learnt a few lessons in the process-

It doesn't matter which teams are playing ;as long as they score the number of goals i am targeting  i will make my profit. Betting on top games is better avoided as things may not go as planned.

Never play the same games using different bookies but rather place different bets on different teams with the bookies you use so that in case your bets with one bookie fail then you can still make some money from the other bookies you use.

Stay blessed.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Is making 100,000 Naira From Football Trading Really Possible?

Hi there, am pretty sure you must be wondering what prompted me to ask the above question by way of title.
I have seen and heard from people how difficult it is to make money from football, i quite agree but at the same time i believe as long as some make thousands from football trading so can you.

The difference between losers and winners lies in one having a winning formula while the other relies mostly on luck and other instincts.
Now to answer the above question-I say a big YES, however,you need lots of patience and discipline to achieve this feat. What really makes you lose most often is that desire to make it big and quickly too, but not to the experienced punters like me who build our accounts with very little odds and with the least possible risks having to wait even if it is for several weeks.

Now lets see how we can actually make our desired amount with the least amount of risks- but before we do that what do most matches have in common? The answer is GOALS! Most matches end in a goal at least except in very few games. This is what we shall be exploiting.

1. Stake 100 naira on a match to end in over 0.5 goals ,it doesn't matter who scores as long as a goal is recorded at full time.

2 Your odds should vary between 1.06 and 1.3 , you can choose 2-3 matches to accumulate to get this range of odds. All the matches combined should be for over 0.5 goals/

3. The amount made is recycled and staked on the next match(es) and repeated until you get to a desired amount.

4. Withdraw and start again , this can take several weeks but at the end you are better off than losing all the time.


1.100 X 1.18 = 118

2. 118 X 1.24= 146

3.146 X 1.18 = 172

4. 172 X 1.28= 221  etc

By the time you get to game 20 without losing you will be having at least 3,600 Naira in your account. You can choose to withdraw 2,000 and start staking with 200 naira this time around. If you bet 3 times daily you should be able to hit game 20 in about a week's time. By game 30 you will have at least 21,000 naira- that is if you never made any withdrawals.

You can speed things up by getting to maybe 2,000 naira and start staking between 200-500 naira.

Choose your matches very carefully and stick to low odds.

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Monday, 28 January 2013


      This weekends's FA cup results was something am still finding difficult to comprehend.
The premiership clubs suffered some real terrible and humiliating defeats against clubs from the lower divisions and even non league teams.

Liverpool, Spurs, Norwich, QPR are all out of the FA cup, Chelsea just managed to escape while Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton won their matches.
Where did the premiership teams go wrong? I staked some amount on the above teams and lost everything yesterday, no thanks to the shocking results.
I did some post match analysis and came to some reasons as to why those teams lost, i may be wrong but this is what i feel-
 Man Utd played at home and to a fellow premiership team (Fulham) while others played away to other teams from the lower divisions; now playing to a lower division teams puts you at a disadvantage,
The pitch is usually unfamiliar likewise the players so you only have that game to get used to your unfamiliar territory thus the home team would have scored a few goals before you realize what is happening, this was the case involving Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea.

Now how does this affect our bet markets in the FA  Cup? 
1. Don't place sure bets on a premiership team playing a lower division team away, if you must , then i suggest you use the goals market instead, playing double chance might not be helpful except you place it on the home team winning or drawing.
2.Its better placing your bets on games involving 2 premiership teams as you can place a double chance on the 'stronger' team to win/draw.
The goals market will come in useful as well.

Don't allow yesterday's result to discourage you, its all part of the game.... 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Goals market.

The Goals market is easy to use to win good bets particularly when its difficult for you to make bets on which team will win ,draw or lose.
I played this on yesterday and won a 6 game accumulator. This can be combined with other bet markets as well.
For you to make headway in this,you need to study your teams very closely,for example the last few games Nigeria played , i observed that we hardly score more than a goal or two per game. hence i was able to place a bet of under 3.5 goal for the match and this paid off well in yesterday's betting.