Monday, 20 July 2015

How To Start A New Betting Season - The Right Way !

    It's a few days to the start of the new football season and i can't wait to set my punting strategies in motion. I believe most punters worldwide have this same feeling,but wait; it's a fresh season -how do i start well and maintain my winning tempo?

This is what i'll be sharing with you in this short but useful write up.

1.Do not ACCUMULATE any matches in the first 2-3 weeks of this season,
a. the teams are just starting and hence need time to blend together.
b.there might have been transfers in and out of a team new players need to settle in.

2.Never ACCUMULATE up to 3-4 matches in one league especially EPL.
a.The EPL is full of surprises and one game will surely mess up your combo.
b.don't assume that same teams that performed well last season still have the same winning form.

3.Avoid the newly promoted teams at least in the first week -you really don't know the players so don't place bets on these teams .

4.Avoid teams whose top scorer left for another team likewise if a team had over 6 new transfer deals in the last few days before league started -its a new team altogether .

5.Your best bet market is 1X even if the odds are quite low,it better to win and keep greed away -you have the whole season ahead of you.

6.The goals market is not worth it at this stage not until 3-4 matches when a scoring pattern is established .

7.Start with low bets maybe 100-200 naira per game and gradually build up your account.

8. Aim to join more than one bookie and fund each account equally.

9. Bet on singles and stick to a maximum of 4 games per betting season, you should at least win
50-70% of the total matches you bet on.

10.No betting on week day games please.

With these few tips i wish you a happy punting season .

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