Monday, 6 January 2014

Corners Vs Card Bet Markets

     As you already know there are many markets when you place bets. Two market i have discovered to be quite profitable is the corner and card markets, however, not too many punters play these markets for some reasons best known to them.

To make headway in these 2 markets you need to know where these markets are most favorable to use ie which leagues are sure bankers when it comes to these markets.
From my findings, the corners market is good for:
1.English Premiership,
2.Spanish La Liga

While the card market is useful in Serie A and German Bundesliga.

Advantages of the Corner And  Card Markets

  • Exists from over 8.5 to as much as over 14.5 corners/match
  • Good odds;over 8.5 corners usually start form 1.3 on most bookies.
  • Cards are usually dished out 'generously' when top teams play each other and when 'merciless' referees are officiating. 
Try and avoid the corner markets when top teams are playing, these teams hardly give away 'set pieces' so the corner market will not apply here.
If you are able to follow your teams very closely you should be able to use these markets to your betting advantage.

More 'greens' to your betting accounts.

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